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22 September 2020 @ 01:06 pm
Decided to redo the masterlist, make it look a little nicer.

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn

Running with the Boys - It was a man's world, and girls weren't allowed to play.
Janus - Tsuna has 7 guardians, thank you very much.
Schizophrenia - Tsuna sees people who aren't really there.
Bail - Once again Tsuna spends a Saturday afternoon bailing Hibari out of jail.
The Man Hunt - Haru dresses like a tree to catch a pervert, and Tsuna gets dragged into it too.
Girl's Night - Chrome get's invited on a girl's night out, and realizes she doesn't know what that means.
Genesis - He's twelve years old when his mother teaches him how to fire a rifle.
Werewolves of Namimori - Hibari Kyoya is a werewolf.

Morality Ends Where a Gun Begins - Reborn (currently broken)
The Prodigal Son - Tsuna
Long Road to Ruin - Mukuro
Walking Talking Babydoll - Chrome
Bad Kids - Vongola

Sherlock (BBC)

Supernova - Sherlock is bright and he is brilliant.
Man (I feel like a woman) - One morning, quite inexplicably, Sherlock turns in to a woman.

I Crack the Codes - Sherlock
The Nature of My Game - Moriarty
Maybe I Won't Die Alone - John/Sherlock


Death By Facsimile - Mike is terrible with technology and the fax machine is out to kill him.
The Florid Florist - WIP florist!AU fill (link goes to suitsmeme)

Gen Mixes can be found at robbing_banks.
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14 April 2012 @ 11:35 pm
So I realize I haven't been on lately. That's because of two reasons: 1. tumblr, and 2. LJ has been really screwy on my computer lately. I'm not sure what is up with LJ but it took me three attempts to get this to post :/

Basically come follow me on tumblr. http://vengerly.tumblr.com

Love you all!
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27 February 2012 @ 12:31 pm
Fuck. My paid account is about to expire and I don't know what to do.....

Should I bother getting another year? Argh.
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16 February 2012 @ 06:07 pm
I have not been very happy the past couple days. There's no specific trigger. It's just that I'm not happy. It's a combination of things; my mom's death, my surgery, the fact I'm not in classes right now, my 27 lb weight gain (although I have lost 11 pounds of it), THIS MOTHERFUCKING KNEE BRACE, the fact that my three closest friends all live very far from me now (my best friend is 5000 miles away).

I really want this brace off. It goes from three inches below my crotch to three inches about my ankle and it doesn't bend. I have to sleep in this thing. I'm getting bruises from it.

I'm bored. I'm tired. I'm hurting. And things aren't really gonna get any better any time soon.

Good news is someone sent me some chocolate covered strawberries recently. I'm gonna go gorge myself and then feel guilty about it.
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14 February 2012 @ 07:51 pm
Hullo and welcome to my new friends from the Suits Friending Meme! Those new friends would be: fluffygremlin casness verbyna rories icedeucalyptus aznara roslindi rainbow_goddess.

Were there any more of you? It's hard to keep track xD So many new friends~

Other places you can find me: Tumblr, Last.fm, Twitter. I'm not active on Twitter yet since I just got it like two days ago, lol. I think I already started following most of you on Tumblr, but if I missed you just post. I follow all my friends :D

Now to everyone: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! The only person who gave me candy was my dad :/ But hey, free candy!

News about my knee: (For those of you that don't know I had ACL replacement surgery on my knee Two and a Half weeks ago) I'm doing much better. I'm only using one crutch now and can even take a few steps without it. I still feel like my physical therapy is going slow but I can tell I'm making progress. So there is that.

Welp, I'm off to go scarf some V-day candy!

Edit: God damn it. I've had to edit this thing twice because apparently my HTML skills go to crap while on painkillers.
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06 February 2012 @ 06:09 pm
So I'm doing better. I can hobble my way up and down stairs (but only when someone is home with me, my dad is terrified I'm going to fall). I'm taking less of my painkillers. And I'm doing a few knee stretching exercises to work on the flexibility of my knee. Those hurt like a motherfucker but I gotta do them.

I go see the surgeon tomorrow for the post-op look-see at my knee. It should be good news.
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29 January 2012 @ 07:26 pm
Hey everyone! A little update on me:

- I hate crutches. I'm really bad at using them and I swear they make me nauseous.
- I can't move without the crutches, so I've been sitting on the recliner pretty much for 4 days.
- I can't go up the stairs so I can't lie in a bed.
- I'm sleeping a lot because the percocet makes me very tired and I finally (after 2 days) found the perfect position for me to lie in on the recliner so I can sleep and not be in pain.
- Scale of 1-10 my pain is about 5 when doing nothing, 9 when up on my crutches.
- I thought I'd be able to do some writing but no, the painkillers make that impossible (it's taken me half an hour to write this so far)
- I thought I'd be able to do some reading, but my attention span is nonexistant on these painkillers.
- I feel really bad making my dad wait on my hand and foot, but I can't help it.
- I'm getting that useless feeling again :/
- I'm really glad I dropped this semester now.
- I've been watching a lot of HGTV. A LOT.
- My brace itches, but I got to take of the ace bandage!
- I can't take a shower. My hair is disgusting. And my shirt has stains on it from three different meals.
- I'm really, really tired after writing this.

Thanks for all the well wishes. I really do appreciate them. I'm just too tired to respond individually.